Apple will stop selling iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany

apple and cualcomm

Apple has ended 2018 with heavy losses due to recent polemics related to its iPhone devices

Apple has ended 2018 with heavy losses due to recent polemics related to its iPhone devices. The new terminals at the end of 2018 have recorded heavy losses for Tim Cook’s company, as they have not achieved the objectives they expected in terms of public acceptance, but on the other hand the old iPhone have presented problems due to the legal dispute they have had with Qualcomm, one of the largest manufacturer of processors, where such disputes have reached the courts.

A German court, specifically the Munich court recently ordered Apple in the European country to cease sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, because they violated the intellectual property of processor manufacturer Qualcomm, pointing out that such devices had not been obtained in a manner completely consensual with the large industry of processors. ES according to the German media claim that this measure was implemented and for that reason none of these terminals can be purchased in Germany through official channels, since Apple in compliance with the ruling has withdrawn them from the German market.

On the other hand, the new iPhone models have not been affected by this measure, since they have processors designed by another company different from Qualcomm, but in the same way this is a hard blow that affects the company of the apple bite (Apple), which has lost this dispute with the U.S. company. In China, a similar ruling has taken place for infringing Qualcomm’s patents, making Apple’s presence in the Chinese smartphone market a souvenir.

That’s because every component within an operating system, every addition, every physical part of a phone is patented and registered by a person or company, who receives royalties for the use of that technology in different companies.

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