” Bitcoin is dead ”’: what future awaits the cryptocurrency


The Bitcoin rate in the last few days after rising to $4,000 again the market retracts down to $3,700. Opinions about what future awaits the most popular cryptocurrency diverge. Investing in electronic money, as before, is unpredictable and very risky.

Despite this, interest in the cryptocurrency does not fade. Recently a compilation was made of the main answers to the most common questions about Bitcoin, which we will mention below.

What to expect from cryptocurrency in 2019?

There is no definitive answer. However, there are many options and predictions. “Bitcoin is dead,” crypto millionaire Eric Finman said the other day. A 20-year-old investor with the help of the cryptocurrency was able to convert $1,000 donated by his grandmother into millions of dollars. Now, according to Finman, it’s not worth investing in the most popular cryptomoneda. “Bitcoin is dead, it’s too fragmented Many people are still struggling, but I don’t think it will last long can survive a few upward markets, but in the long run it’s dead,” the investor said.

According to an analyst in cryptocurrencies, he is confident that there will be fluctuations in 2019, but investing in cryptocurrency is not possible and, most likely, Bitcoin will fall. “The bitcoin bubble finally burst, it was dragged 5 times from the peak a year ago. Some upward and downward price movements will continue (falling, more likely). But I don’t recommend waiting for their price growth “- said the analyst.

At the same time, a Wall Street analyst, Blockchain Capital’s partner, Spencer Bogart, believes that in the near future the most popular cryptocurrency will fall in price to $1,000, after which growth is expected to reach $50,000. and the Fidelity holding is preparing to open a facility to store a new asset class.

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