Bitfinex launches pairs with margins in USD


Bitfinex, the largest cryptomime exchange company, has announced that it has introduced margin trading for the stablecoin coin Tether USDT, according to an article published on December 21.

The larger Bitfinex trade handles margin for the USDT/USD pair, which would lead to a more stable price discovery. Dedicated loan market, USDT available as collateral for margin positions, as explained in the issued article.

Cryptobag Bitfinex and its peers with margins

Customers use stable currency trading, and that has led bitfinex to manage a pair like USDT/USD in order to increase sufficient liquidity.

In early December bitfinex and its spin-off Ehtfinex added support for currencies backed by USD, USDC, True USD, PAX and GUSD. All of them to be traded with the US dollar.

Bitfinex intensifies its products

While stable currency margin trading is currently limited to USDT/USD, the exchange is planning to introduce margin trading for some other stable currency pairs once sufficient liquidity is reached.

At the end of November, was the subject of an investigation by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) into the alleged manipulation of the cryptomoney market.

The agency focused its investigation on whether or not the USDT was used to artificially inflate Bitcoin (BTC) prices during last year’s meteoric rise.

The DoJ was investigating how Tether issues its new tokens and why most of the USDT enters the market through Bitfinex.

In the context and conclusion of a broader investigation into whether “market tricks” have partially inflated crypt prices in recent years.

The alleged intensification of the DoJ investigation into and activity adds to previous investigations into possible misconduct.

Tether received subpoenas from US regulators for undisclosed reasons in December 2017, which allegedly relates to Tether’s insistent doubt about Tether’s claims that the USDT is backed one by one by the US dollar.

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