Blockchain and its future in 2019

blockchain 2019

Blockchain is changing the world with new innovations that are programmed daily. Nowadays there are big projects that imply the massive use of this growing technology with respect to Bitcoin.


Regulatory compliance has been a turning point that has stopped the process in startups and crypto currencies.

The specialists in software AML and KYC exist since 2014, recently they have been changing the space in the blockchain and looking at the exchange of cryptocurrencies of the world as: Binance.

The software also performs advanced tests with pattern recognition and algorithms that help the client to identify and categorize the crypto currencies of the market.

The flow of funds in individual transactions can be traced through a direct link to the Chainalysis Reactor, which is more suited to law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to remove bad players and illegal activity by providing in-depth analysis of the origin of crypt transactions.

OKEx and its perpetual trading derivative

OKEx, the second largest exchange in the world is introducing a new trading instrument in the form of a Perpetual Exchange Derivative. The investment instrument is similar to the Bitcoin futures contract that is already being traded on multiple platforms, the difference here is that there is no expiration on this derivative and it is settled daily.

It will be a virtual exchange of equal to equal with the availability of margin and leverage, where users can speculate on the price of the digital asset: each derivative contract would have a value equivalent to $100 Bitcoin . They went live on December 11. Something similar was recently launched by Huobi.

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