Blockstream: Beta satellite API for Blockchain data transmission


Blockstream is a technology company that raises funds for the development of Blockchain, currently this important company is launching a beta version of Blockstream’s satellite API created with the aim of helping developers to transmit their data through the use of satellite networks, according to a statement from the company on January 16.

In previous months, Blockstream announced the expansion of the Blockstream satellite service to the Asia-Pacific region, as well as support for Lightning transactions. In its goal of growing the cryptocurreny network, the company has advanced further within its mission of freeing the cryptocurrency network that is subject to Internet connection through fixed communication channels, to establish a new connection using API release for the Blockstream satellite.

The latest Blockstream product allows users to use satellites for messaging and payment services encrypted in Lightning testnet, as well as perform data transmission completely free of charge. These advances allow developers to send messages with the RESTful API and users can send messages through the Blockstream site.

On the other hand, those in charge of the project have reduced the volume of messages so that each one can be transmitted in 10 seconds. The press release also explains that if you need to send more data, developers can use their own encryption, fragmentation and reassembly. Payments through the Lightning network also add another level of privacy to the project, separating the source from the recipient.

Recently an engineer from NASA’s Research Center published a prototype blockchain system based on Hyperledger Fabric, with which it is proposed to complement the new system to obtain data on aircraft flights called ADS-B. Also in the middle of the previous year, NASA launched a research project on the use of smart contracts for automated space debris technology evasion.

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