Cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to fall


The bitcoin continues to have losses in its value, for today, January 14, 2019, its value fell to below 4 thousand dollars, but nevertheless achieves a market stability that allows it to maintain or even increase its value as in previous months.

Today’s cryptocurrencies are capitalized at 122,463 million dollars. Bitcoin continues to predominate in the cryptocurrencies market with 52.3%, and is capitalized today at 64,194 million dollars.

On Sunday, January 13, after 7:00 pm, the BTC/USD bitcoin exchange rate was at 3.655 dollars with a fall of $ 20 compared to the previous day.

In these first 14 days of the new year the bitcoin has presented slight highs and lows but mainly the lows have dominated. But other cryptocurrencies are also affected by the market that continues to decline, Ethereum for example had a fall of 2.2% and its value is 125 dollars, capitalizing at 13,114 million dollars, while Bitcoin Cash fell by 1.25% to $ 134, capitalizing at $ 2,333 million. EOS fell 0.29% to $2.43, capitalization of $2.197 billion.

The negative impact that cryptocurrencies have had in recent days is mainly due to the recent news that the manufacturer of mining equipment, the Japanese company GMO Internet Group, due to the large losses it suffered in 2018 stops developing and producing mining equipment. According to an analyst, bitcoin continues to lose value in a future close to 3500 dollars.

Bitcoin is expecting an unexpected increase in the price

On the other hand it is worth mentioning that an expert affirmed that Bitcoin is expecting an unexpected increase in the price that will be around 25% of its value, assuring that in the future will double the number of owners of cryptocurrencies.

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