Cryptocurrency Bitcoin will fall to zero?


During 2018 Bitcoin became the most disastrous investment for many companies and enthusiasts who decided to invest in this, considered the main critocurrency. In December, analysts around the world began to predict the collapse of the cryptographic terminal, but a large number of optimists still hoped that January will begin with a manifestation that will change its fate. In fact, at the beginning of the month, bitcoin had a growth that led it to exceed $4000. However, on January 10, the hopes of continuous growth vanished, after a big fall in prices. The value of Bitcoin in the market collapsed to almost $ 3600, I have even reached $ 3560, and according to specialists estimate that the price has not yet reached its floor. Stein Jacobsen, Saxo Bank’s chief economist, says the value of Bitcoin can gradually continue to decline until it reaches zero. The reason for that claim is that bitcoin is an energy-intensive cryptomoneda, which prevents it from making a real profit.

“It is unlikely that the cost of Bitcoin will fall to zero, but we should not expect a growth rate in the near future,” he said in an interview with another cryptoactive specialist, noting that cryptocurrency currently presents a series of critical problems that remain unresolved. For example, by presenting an interface that is uncomfortable and its platform receives a limited number of companies that want to accept payments in bitcoins, a small group of companies and enthusiasts can use the benefits of digital money. There is currently a long way to go to expand this blockchain. On the other hand, at the beginning of January, token exchanges were very slow, which means that any large or small buyer could influence prices for their shares, while now sellers will gladly resume the game because of a fall in the risen asset. A drop in quotes below $3,500 makes it possible to advance even further to $3,000 per currency.

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