Facebook has blocked my website

Facebook Blocked

More often there have been cases that relate to this problem, the fact is that you have one thing that can be accompanied by a link to your website on your facebook page, two possible messages will be displayed: “The content you are trying to share the information includes a Can not you post this because you have a blocked link? Can not publish? A lot of attention, these messages are usually displayed when you count a facebook account is making publications of an abusive or insecure nature, or when several complaints have been received, either unwanted mail or improper publications.

On the other hand, there are Facebook users who have not received any type of complaint due to improper publications, nor do they make abusive and insecure publications, but, that receive these messages and therefore the links of their site are blocked. How unfair do you not believe it?

But there’s no need to worry, this has a solution, you can ask Google for help or Facebook, only it can be difficult to find a safe way to link your website to Facebook once again. You can use the “Facebook URL debugging tool” and point out the blocking through the “Facebook support tool“.

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