Facebook Messenger adds 3 new modes of use

facebook messenger

This year for social networks have sought innovation in their platforms, we can not expect more from Facebook INC that earlier this year would renew their Facebook Messenger app. The course of the year has been looking at design functions among others.

The novelties that we present are 3: Portrait mode by software, that we see it applied in Instagram.

Stickers a way to collect life in RA mode and adds a very good effect that is Boomerang for short videos.

1-Facebook Messenger: Portrait mode

This type of technology has become an essential way for our mobiles, and although it is seen more frequently in models of all ranges, not always included in the front camera. That’s why Facebook Messenger adds its own portrait mode.We will see that this works the application and that devices are compatible or in their effect they want a model in particular.

2-Stickers actually augmented

But based on something innovative and to come to terms with the issue we can not direct a game called Pokémon Go that some stickers come to life through augmented reality technology.

Those who install this game we are familiar with the way the camera acts when selecting the icon of the function described.


Finally, Facebook will include the boomerang effect in Instagram and Facebook stories, the only missing platform that applies is Facebook Messenger.

These changes arrive in the next hours to all users of Facebook Messenger. Facebook has won the fame of delay in the updates hopefully to unfold the news and we will tell you about your latest version for Android or IOS.

In conclusion

The social networks have brought us great improvements in the last years, whether for businesses or businesses.

We must always be pending that novelty brings each application to look and avoid errors, one way is interacting with Facebook Messenger and its 3 new features.

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