First Blockchain Smartphone In The World, Finney.


The first Smartphone will operate through a blockchain, designed for the cryptographic community and people interested in learning more about blockchain technology.

This device was designed by the company Foxconn and has an advanced operating system of Sirin Labs that is of Swiss-Israeli origin, opening a retail store that sells the first Finney smartphone chain of blocks.The store is located in London’s Mayfair district and aims to function as a block chain academy for the cryptographic community and anyone interested in learning more about blockchain technology. In the store there will be meetings and communication between members of the community who develop new products or perform operations based on blockchains. The company will soon open the doors of its second store in Tokyo, which will provide similar services to the company in London.

The idea of making the first store in London is due to the fact that the City “is a multi-faceted, creative technological center and is in a very advanced development. In 2018, London’s technology sector significantly outpaced the growth and investments that other European centres managed to achieve, raising more than £1.8 billion”. Its founders consider it the ideal place to sell Finney, the world’s first mass-market chain-locking phone.

Smartphone Finney has dual display, configured so that its second display works completely to transactions on cryptocurrency. The 2in Safe Screen call slides from the back of the device and works with a dedicated firmware that allows the user to be sure where the transaction is taking place.

On the other hand, activating the slider also launches Finney’s cold storage portfolio, which is compatible with many of the major cryptocurrencies currently available.

“Finney will allow you to store and use cryptocurrencies securely, and I hope it will act as a platform to help technology companies in London and elsewhere reach new audiences.”

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