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The fortnite virtual currency called V-Bucks that normally allows you to buy cosmetics to its users was recently known to allegedly some criminals divert this use and use it for money laundering.

Those who have played Fortnite, as well as some who have never played, know V-Bucks coins. This virtual coin allows your players to buy cosmetics to renew their characters, or to advance in combat, which also provides your players with skins when crossing levels.

However, the security of this coin appears to be vulnerable, as the press pointed out, noting that malicious users would be using this coin for money laundering, considered a totally illegal practice, in which a source of money obtained fraudulently or illicitly is masked. The users who would perform these practices use stolen credit cards to buy V-Bucks at a normal price, which are then sold at a lower price on the network, and mainly on the Web. These V-Bucks are also sold in the social networks, mainly in Instagram or Twitter, being at the height of any person.

However, according to the senior analyst of the computer security company SixGill , Epic Games does not seem to take these illegal actions seriously.
“Criminals commit fraud with stolen credit cards and bring money into and out of the Fortnite system with relative impunity. […]” Although it is very difficult for fortnite to put an end to this criminal activity, there are different measures that the company could take to mitigate this phenomenon, such as supervising transfers of goods, as well as identifying players who have stored large reserves of V-Bucks or exchanging data with the police services involved, to detect the crimes committed by their players

Although these illicit practices obviously generate large revenues for Epic Games, a company that in 2018 would have made a profit of nearly three billion dollars, it is not the answer to ignore this problem, since it allows for the financing of criminal organizations. It is currently impossible to quantify the amount of profits that criminals have been able to obtain through this virtual currency, but it is estimated that they could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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