Fortnite will incorporate a new weapon “The sniper with silencer.”

sniper with silencer

A few days ago the new update 7.10 Fortnite Battle Royale was released, in this update recently a dataminer has managed to filter one of the files that was inside it, which was completely unknown to fans of this popular video game. This is a sniper with silencer and as specified in the account, @lucas7yoshi_, has found a file called “wid_sniper_suppressed_scope_athena_vr_ore_t03”, being “athenea” the name that is used by Epic Games to refer to the Battle Royale.

You can think that this sniper will be like the frostbite as seen in The First Images that is already available in Save the World mode, but with a silencer. At first the varieties in which it will be available will be the epic and the legendary, making damages of 100 and 105 respectively. On the other hand, the weapon must be recharged after each shot, having a recharge time of 2.85 for the epic version and 2.70 for the legendary one.

With these specifications the sniper with silencer will not be the most powerful of the game, as it is unlikely to eliminate enemies with a single shot, but it is expected to be very useful to maintain our position without being seen by enemies loe.

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