Fortnite’s Most Powerful Weapons Season 7

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First analysis: Rifles

Today we present you with a summary of the powerful Fortnite Season 7 weapons which you can choose to make the most of in each of your games.

As we all know in Fortnite construction plays a fundamental role, but even more important is the issue of weapons, which can be related to luck. But knowing the most appropriate weapons in each game you play in Fortnite will help you achieve a greater adaptation in each confrontation and achieve more favorable results.

In this opportunity we are going to mention the weapons that according to our criteria, have the best specifications and are most useful to advance quickly and win in the 7th season that presents the video game Fortnite. We recommend that you keep between your arsenal of weapons the following weapons that we will mention, because they will allow you to finish off rivals in different crucial moments in the game.

Fortnite currently has a lot of weapons, which can be of great help. In this article, we’re going to mention the weapons that work best, and which weapon is best for each of them.

Season 7 Assault Guns

Fortnite presents a great variety of rifles that we can choose in this new season 7. In first place is the basic but quite versatile M16 assault rifle, as well as several assault rifles that fire in bursts. On the other hand there are also Scar type assault rifles that vary in specifications and functionality, another rifle that we can not leave unmentioned is the heavy assault rifle, which is one of the best rifles presented this season.

It is important to highlight the assault rifle with silencer one of the most recent presented by fortnite, which generates a damage of 33 in level of legendary rarity and its built-in silencer will allow you to go unnoticed in attacks.

Another weapon to carry is the legendary Scar assault rifle or the heavy assault rifle. Which has a damage rating of 48.
We recommend keeping the Silenced Assault Rifle and Scar Assault Rifle with you everywhere.

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