Google Play helps uninstall applications

google play

Google Play has a new dynamic to manage the space on the mobile device.

If you want to free up space on your device, or clean up applications that you no longer use, you can use the new option proposed by Google Play. The dynamic is simple, just go to your Google Play account, select My applications and games >> Installed.

In this section, Google Play will inform you of the percentage of storage used and the amount of space that is still available. If you select this option, it will take you to Free space, as we can see in the image.

We’ll see how many applications we have installed, and it will give us the option to remove them in batches. If we have many apps, we can filter them by alphabetical order and size. Or, we can opt for Recommended, which will suggest uninstalling those apps we don’t use often.

Then you have to scroll through the list of apps, and mark the ones you want to uninstall. If your problem is that you don’t have any space left in the device, then it will help you to take a look at the bottom of the screen, which adds up the amount of space that will be free taking into account your selection.

Once you select Free space, all the selected applications will be automatically uninstalled. A practical feature, which will save us time and some headaches.

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