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The year 2018 has left very good applications and improvements, the great companies have put a lot of emphasis on how to raise the level of users to each application. One of the apps that has had more acceptance between customers has been WhatsApp.

The arrival of the audios at WhatsApp was a before and after in the popular application. In the “preaudios” stage, we didn’t take long to end up on the phone because of how complicated it was to explain anything moderately extensive. Today we all receive with open arms those 3-minute audios that keep your ear attached to your mobile while you remain silent.

Well, the time has come for Instagram. It doesn’t look like this is going to be a revolutionary change in an application based on photos, stories and comments, but the audios have come to the Facebook application. In the following lines we will explain you how to send voice notes in Instagram.

Sending voice notes in Instagram is very simple. In fact, the method is identical to the one we use in WhatsApp. To send audios to your followers of the popular social network just follow these steps:

Enter the chat with the user you want to send the audio to.

In the box where you enter the text, to the right, you will find a microphone icon.

Press and hold to record your voice.

Release to send it, slide to the left to delete it.

As you can see, sending audios to your Instagram contacts is extremely easy. By following these simple steps you will be able to take full advantage of the new tool of the most popular social network of the moment.

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