Instagram Stories launches 3 new functions

instagram stories

Instagram surprises us more and more with the new additions he is making to his photography social network.

This has made it a great acceptance among the Internet users of instagram, since it allows to use stickers, Q&A , that is to say, questions and answers in the live ones.

Instagram defines these functions as something innovative that brings a mixture of feelings between users of the social network.

Instagram Stories launches 3 functions: music stickers, plus Q&A and counters.

In mrbtcfaucet we have done a test of the new functions and we liked them to be better connected with our users.

Possibly the most striking option is to answer any question to the rhythm of the music and is that from now on you only have to touch the sticker to answer and choose between two options, music or text. If you choose music will activate the camera to play a video or to take a picture with a song in the background.

In addition, this feature will gradually add new filters and effects to get more original compositions and mixes. But the other two functions are also not left behind, now the question and answer stickers arrive at the live ones so that you can better organize the flow of questions.

Finally, Instragram allows us to use the regressive stickers for special dates such as New Year’s Eve or Christmas to discount the seconds. Although we will be able to use them in other occasions, they are thought for special moments.

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