Ninja player at Fortnite earns about $10 million a year

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The name of this player is Richard Tyler Blevins, who is known worldwide as Ninja, has now become one of the most famous Fortnite players in the world. Young Tyler Blevins recently in an interview has revealed that at 27 he is earning an average of $10 million a year.

It is estimated that 70 percent of this fortune that the young Richard Tyler Blevins manages to win annually comes from the advertising revenues of YouTube and Twitch channels: Youtube has an audience that exceeds 20 million users, while its share of live games of Twitch, a platform where you can see people playing live, have an audience of about 12 million users, in addition to having 40,000 viewers who pay a subscription to see it on this streaming platform.

“While I’m sitting here talking to you, I’m losing tens of thousands of dollars,” Blevins told CNN.

On the other hand, the young Ninja has important advertising contracts with Samsung, Red Bull and Uber, but according to his wife Jess who is in charge of managing relations with their sponsors, “Richard spent this year about 4000 hours in Fortnite, which would be equivalent to six months connected non-stop, or an average of 12 hours a day throughout the year”.

Tyler Belvins or Ninja as he is known in the video game is one of the lucky few worldwide who can make a fortune playing video games, in this case Fortnite. Although it may seem normal, professionally it is very difficult to achieve these annual economic benefits within the big business of digital entertainment. In many countries, the data is nowhere near half of what Ninja can acquire, with these large gains being made mainly in players from the United States and Asia.

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