The 4 cryptocurrencies that will dominate this 2019


The year 2018 will be remembered as one of the most difficult years for cryptocurrencies, but not everything is so bad, because price levels can be a great opportunity to get a better positioning in 2019.

For this reason we present the 4 cryptocurrencies that will dominate 2019, which we mention below:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Despite the sharp fall in its value in 2018 Bitcoin remains the cryptocurrency with the most potential for the future, so it must be present in any crypto portfolio. As we well know this cryptocurrency can reach a new floor its value, as well as volatility will be the order of the day, which may surprise many.

The minimum value that could be reached this year is US$ 2,900, the resistance to be beaten is US$ 6,500, and the maximum target is calculated at US$ 15,000.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Cash despite its hard fork on November 15, 2018, has shown signs of recovery, giving an interesting buying opportunity in the early days of 2019.
The minimum price of Bitcoin is calculated at US$ 80, the immediate resistance to beat at US$ 415, and the maximum target for 2019 at US$ 640.

Bitcoin Cash or ABC as it is called in some excchanges is a recommended investment to make profit takes every time it reaches a key value, such as US$ 400.

Stellar (XLM)
The Stellar cryptomone is a great project, with many initiatives this 2019, which can give momentum to your XLM Token. It is currently trading close to its annual minimum of US$ 0.10.

The minimum is at US$ 0.09, the key resistance to win at US$ 0.27, while the maximum target is US$ 0.45.

Litecoin (LTC)
Bitcoin is said to resemble gold in terms of refuge of value, and Litecoin is said to resemble silver, so it is interesting to keep some LTC in a portfolio of cryptocoins.

At the moment Litecoin trades just over US$ 30, which is only 10% of its historical maximum value reached in January.
The minimum value of the LTC is US$ 23, the resistance to beat is US$ 55, and the maximum target is US$ 179.

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