The growth of cryptocoins in the world

A major study reveals a significant increase in the use of cryptocoins in international transactions around the world. The study interviewed 707 people about their international transfer habits, the search for information such as the destination of such transactions, as well as the subject and type of asset transferred.

It is considered that 707 people are a very small control group. But keeping in mind that the crypto-money market continues to grow steadily and solidify, you can use these numbers to get an idea of the global reach of using these digital assets shares.

Transfers from the United States to 20 other countries were used as the basis for the study. Mexico leads the list with the highest number of transactions. Transfers are, for the most part, made to family members, with a total of 78.6% of the total. Another interesting fact is that 41.4% of the transfers are for food.

In other words, it is basically the profile of people who emigrate to other countries to send part of the profits to the family that stayed in the country of origin. But the interesting thing is that the cryptocurrencies are increasingly represented in the way these transfers are made.

the report revealed that PayPal and other transfer institutions (such as Wester Union) still dominate the market, with about 50% of people opting for both methods. Then there are the banks, with 25.7% of the preference. In fourth place are the cryptocurrencies with 15.8% with a strong upward trend, because consumers seek less and less to lose value with the conversion of value in exchange houses.

The acceptance of cryptoactives continues to increase as public interest and awareness increases. For these cases, crypto coins have many advantages due to the low flow and low speed transaction (depending on the digital asset and blockchain of course).

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