Three cryptocurrencies that in 2019 will abandon Bitcoin (BTC)

The world of cryptoccurrencies has experienced a disappointing outlook in 2018 compared to 2017. A large part of the cryptocoins showed a decline of more than 80% of their value. Bitcoin (BTC) has begun to decouple from many cryptocurrencies, including those with some of the biggest developments in 2018. Mainly WAVES, TRX and PAL are three cryptocurrencies that have maintained their downward trend in price, with a constantly declining market in 2018. WAVES, TRX and PAL exceeded expectations and even demonstrated a significant decoupling of the BTC Bitcoin.

In the midst of bear markets in 2018 there are still important events for projects involving cryptomoney. PAL, TRON, and WAVES had important developments. When prices plummeted, they made important advances.

TRX (Tron) had a very important year with respect to development. Even though in 2017 it did not have a very good year, the TRX team burned a billion tokens and launched its main network in May. The mainnet obtained important developments in the following month with the launch of Odyssey 2.0 which pretends to be a public Blockchain that admits decentralized applications.

WAVES has shown a greater decoupling with Bitcoin (BTC). The price of Bitcoin has presented continuous problems in previous months. More than 40% has been corrected this month alone. WAVES is the fastest blockchain platform. It presents real solutions for trading on a decentralized exchange (DEX) in addition to the execution of intelligent contracts (Smart-Contracts). Waves showed a 200% increase over Bitcoin, from 25250 satoshis to 72138 satoshis in the same period, despite Bitcoin’s downward trend.

For its part PAL (Red PAL) obtained a significant step in the list despite its small market capitalization. The market capitalization of PAL for just under $ 2 million is less than 1/100 of WAVES and 1/400 of TRX. These are the multiple aspects that make PAL remarkable.

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