Using Blockchain Facebook WhatsApp will allow secure transfers


WhatsApp being the most important instant messaging application in the world, is constantly improving its system, incorporating new functions which have allowed it to position itself as the giant of digital communication. For this reason, and taking advantage of the lower price during 2018 and the use of the leader in electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, WhatsApp is considering incorporating a new function based on the chain of blocks that would allow us to send and receive money electronically quickly and easily to facilitate the transitions of its users.

According to sources this money would be half digital currency and half real currency. According to a Bloomberg publication, Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, is designing a function to send cryptocoins backed by US dollars. The first site where this coin would be used would be in India and WhatsApp would use the same technology that guarantees the security in the sending of virtual coins, the so-called blockchain.

In this way it would be possible to make secure transfers in WhatsApp thanks to this virtual currency that would be half electronic, half real. India would be the country chosen to test this function because it is one of the countries with the highest number of users that use the whatsapp application, although it is still in an initial phase.

WhatsApp would continue in the same line of facilitating the sending of money, both international remittances and domestic money, in fact, some App users in the Asian country already have the ability to make transfers to their contacts, but at the moment, these transfers are to make payments and transfers with money from one bank to another bank, but not through the crypto currencies. Facebook’s strategy is clear: take advantage of WhatsApp’s potential and the best of crypto currencies, that is, the technology that makes them secure.

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