What hashtags are in your messages


Today I’m going to tell you about a topic that I’ve been asked a lot on social networks, the wonderful hashtags, if those elements we use to filter information and position our images on Instagram, twitter, Facebook.

1- What are #hashtags

They are words or phrases that are distributed in an attractive way of messages, those small parts of text that go with a # and reflect the essence of what we want to show in photos or videos shared on networks.

2- How to use the Best Hashtags in your Messages

This is a topic that should interest many of us because if we are looking to position our brand, company, personal account when deciding which words in the form of #Hashtags we should use.

How do you decide which hashtags to use? You can invent a phrase that you find appropriate or you can use hashtags that you have seen other people put in their messages. If you want to attract readers, you can use a site like Hashtags.org to find #hashtags that are currently popular (in fashion) in social media.

Hashtags don’t have to be about a topic; they can also encapsulate a mood in your message. For example, if you publish about how to win a prize, you can use the #socited and #lovewinning hashtags! #Hashtags can also be sarcastic, ironic or funny.

You can include more than one hashtag in your Tweet, if appropriate, but be careful not to use too many hashtags. Once the three hashtags are exceeded, or when the message contains more #hashtags than text, the message starts to look like spam and can disable readers.

You can insert a #hashtag at the beginning, middle or end of your message. Here is an example of a Tweet with a hashtag in the body of the message: Generating #money in a Passive Way.

In the example we can see that we have placed the word money in hashtags, that makes the message look more fun.

3- History of the Hashtag

The #Hashtags didn’t start with Twitter, but social media platforms have made them very popular. Hashes were used in programming languages and in IRC chat for decades before Twitter user FactoryJoe suggested bringing them to social media in 2007 with the tweet: “How do you feel about using # (libra) for groups. Like in #barcamp[msg]”?

It took another two years for Twitter to take the suggestion seriously, according to this AdWeek article. In 2009, Twitter started linking hashtags so they can be searched for simply by clicking on them. The following year, Twitter used hashtags to identify trend themes, which they posted on their website.

As #hashtags became more popular, other social media sites began to collect them as well. You can find #hashtags on Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

4- Conclusion

#Hashtags are a quick and easy way to find like-minded people, attract more people to the publications you do, and participate in sweepstakes and win fun prizes while injecting more personality into your publications.

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