What to expect from social networks this 2019


A few days before the start of the new year, it is propitious to mention the advances and changes presented by social networks. What can we expect from social networks in 2019? What will happen in this growing world.

Instagram wins

Instagran is a great locomotive developing social networks. Instagram increases very quickly the number of users it has worldwide. the number of users is growing 1.5-2 times faster than in other social networks, which show an increase but to a lesser extent, unlike twitter which has recently shown falls compared to other social networks.

The era of mobile devices has not yet arrived.

There are those who say that we have reached the era of mobile, and for a successful promotion must be directed towards these devices as they are smart phones … certainly the audiences of mobile devices on the Internet continue to grow, but however, has not been a disproportionate growth, which stands at about 28%. On the other hand, it was thought that young people used only the telephone to access social networks. This is also a mistake: according to a recent study, all audiences have “mobile” and “desktop” parts. The older they are, the less they use mobile devices to use desktops.

The popularity of microbloggers will increase.

Millions of small and medium enterprises have flooded social networks. Microbloggers do not need to get a large reach with millions of subscribers, because they can work in a small circle of customers and friends of friends who have the need for the product or service being offered. The evolution of Social Networks allows support this process by providing microblogging with various functions such as promotion buttons and other simple tools. This will allow individual pages and communities to address part of the audience of leaders. This new year we continue to work through influential people with a small but strong community. It may be artisan bloggers who promote specific products.

These are some of the things we should expect from social networks, also expected some improvements in twitter and Facebook ads, companies should rethink if Facebook really meet their expectations in a scenario of changing in relation to the audience.

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